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  2:00: - 1392/03/26


      Iranian Merchant Mariners’ Syndicate (IMMS) (Affiliated to ITF)

Dear IMMS member-Seafarers

The seventh meeting of the Board of Directors (BOD) of IMMS was held on 19th May 2013, attended by Mr. Sohail Sana C.E. (chairman), Mr. Mehran Hedayatfar C.E. (treasurer), and Mr. Alireza Navab E.E. and Captain Mehran Kazemi (permanent members), Captain Alishahi (inspector) as a guest, and Mr. Alireza Moradi M.E. (office manager).

Following are the highlights of cases raised and decisions made:

1. The BOD received a report on the attendance of Mr. Navab at the 21st Conference of the Maritime Organizations and the article he had prepared for presentation at the conference. It was so decided for a written report to be presented to the secretariat together with the article for posting on the IMMS site.
2. Latest developments on the review of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to enhance views of IMMS in safeguarding rights of seafarers was presented by Mr. Navab.
3. With respect to the 3-partite meeting held in the Ministry of Labor on the 21st April 2013 on the study of IMMS CBA and MLC2006, it was decided for a follow up meeting to be organized at IMMS office to be attended with representatives of the Ministry of Labor and the Ship Owners’ Association.
4. The BOD was presented with the progress-report of signing CBA’s with Valfajr and Khazar shipping companies by Mr. Sana and Navab.
5. IMMS financial report for the fiscal year 1391 was presented by IMMS accountant, with the BOD’s final approval pending on the presentation of the final report.
6. With the BOD’s approval it was decided for memo no.3 to be posted on IMMS site and forwarded to relevant organizations and shipping companies.

7. Below is a summary of cases followed up by IMMS since its last meeting on 24th April 2013:

7.1 Mr. Sana and Mr. Navab attending a meeting with the Managing Director, Director of Administration directorate and Fleet Personnel Manager of NITC discussing IMMS-NITC CBA,
7.2 Intensive review of IMMS CBA with expert representatives of concerned shipping companies,
7.3 Following up on an Iranian seafarer’s complaint against Sea Eagle 5 company with the Ministry of Labor,
7.4 Following up on an Iranian seafarer’s complaint against the owner of a private vessel,
7.5 Following up on an Iranian seafarer’s complaint against Iran Fajr shipping company.

Dear colleagues, as a final note, in order to allow the IMMS to be at its best and to uphold its Article of Association, it is duly expected of all respected members to direct their written and signed opinions, complaints and suggestions to the secretariat of IMMS at the below address ONLY.

IMMS permanent address:
First floor, no. 15, Sixth Avenue, Ghaem magham Farahani Street, Tehran, IR of Iran
Tel. no: ++98-21-8852 3362
Email address:

All information and signed correspondence received at the given address shall be circulated among members of the BOD of IMMS in strict confidentiality, and appropriate actions shall be taken accordingly.

IMMS Secretariat
10th June 2013
Recipients: IMMS members
ITF, London


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