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      Iranian Merchant Mariners’ Syndicate (IMMS) (Affiliated to ITF)
Dear IMMS member-Seafarers

The sixth meeting of the Board of Directors (BOD) of IMMS was held on 2nd May 2013, attended by Mr. Sohail Sana C.E. (chairman), Captain Parviz Toobaei (deputy chairman), Mr. Mehran Hedayatfar C.E. (treasurer), and Mr. Alireza Navab E.E. and Captain Mehran Kazemi (permanent members) with Mr. Alireza Moradi M.E. (office manager).

Following are the highlights of cases raised and decisions made:

1. The BOD received a report on the progress of the translation of the IMMS-approved Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) into Farsi Mr. Navab. Considering the sensitivity and importance of the project the BOD awaits the completion of the translated text.

2. Following up the issue of the payment of war zone allowance to seafarers employed by KRC, the explanation from the said company was discussed and found not comprehensive and in compliance with the terms of our standing CBA. In this regard it was decided for a meeting to be held with KRC management to finalize the issue.

3. Based on reports of a change in the system of payment of part of the wages of seafarers employed by KRC, and a complaint received from a number of seafarers employed by Yad-Avaran Mehregan manning agency, a secondary agency to KRC, it was decided for the case to be followed with that company to ensure compliance with the CBA.

4. With regard to the policies of the BOD in transparency, it was decided for the IMMS-KRC standing CBA and its appendices 3 to 5 to be loaded in IMMS site.

5. BOD also approved loading of memo no.2 on IMMS site and its promulgation through companies under contract with IMMS.

6. Complaint of Mr. Hamzeh Mallahi Kolahi regarding payment of wages by Bonyad Gheshm shipping company was followed up. It was decided for those concerned to be invited to a meeting at IMMS office to discuss and finalize the issue.

7. Letter of invitation prepared by Mr. Sana to Ship Owners’ Syndicate for a meeting for the study of IMMS CBA was approved.

8. Below is a summary of cases followed up by IMMS since its last meeting on 24th April 2013:
8.1 Following up communication with the department of immigration requesting review of a fine cut for the owner of Irani vessel in respect to the visas of its Pakistani ratings.
8.2 Following up the request of Indian ratings of Aftab vessel with respect to the termination of their contract of service. The owner of the vessel was approached and finally agreed with the repatriation of the concerned crew within one week.
8.3 Receipt of a letter of appreciation of the Indian crew of Nab 3 vessel who were happily repatriated to their home country upon the completion of their contract of service with the assistance of IMMS.
8.4 Following up the complaint of expatriate crew of M.V. Elegance belonging to NITC, regarding the delayed payment of their wages.
8.5 Following up a complaint raised by the cook of a vessel belonging to Nilgoon Iranian company. Based on IMMS approach the competent authority of the said company agreed with the due payment of the wages.
8.6 Inviting the managing director of Iranian Ship Owners’ Syndicate and the representatives of the ministry of labor for a meeting to discuss issues concerning CBA.
8.7 Inviting Valfajr and Khazar shipping companies to sign CBA with IMMS.
8.8 Rendering assistance to the owner of Rahgosha vessel to find competent crew for his vessel.
8.9 Following up the complaint of 3 Indian crew sailing on “Irani” vessel regarding their forced termination of contract without a fair reason. The case was raised with the owner of the vessel and it was decided for the crew to continue with their job until the end of their contract of service.
8.10 Following up wage claim of seafarers on board MV. Horriat of Sea Eagle company. In a meeting with the company representative it was noted that the vessel would be detained until a satisfactory conclusion of the claims.
8.11 Following up the case of the Indian crew of the vessel Hamidieh 2, sunk in the Persian gulf, finally resulted in the payment of their full wages and safe return home only two weeks ago.
8.12 Mr. Navab attended a two-days conference of the country’s maritime organizations, on behalf of IMMS.
Dear colleagues, as a final note, in order to allow the IMMS to be at its best and to uphold its Article of Association, it is duly expected of all respected members and concerned departments, organizations and companies to direct their written and signed opinions, complaints and suggestions to the secretariat of IMMS at the below address ONLY.

IMMS permanent address:
no. 15, Sixth Avenue, ghaem magham farahani Street, Tehran, IR of Iran
Tel. no: ++98-21-8852 3362
Email address:
All information and signed correspondence received at the given address shall be circulated among members of the BOD of IMMS in strict confidentiality, and appropriate actions shall be taken accordingly.

IMMS Secretariat


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